AMSOIL Premium 5W-40 100% Synthetic Scooter Oil  *NEW


Premium Protection for High-End, Powerful Scooters.

Today’s air- and water-cooled, daily-use and maxi-scooters place strenuous demands on motor oil, especially premium and large models that produce added power. Scooter engines can shear motor oil, leading to viscosity loss and reduced wear protection. They run hot, especially air-cooled models, which can break down the oil, leading to harmful deposits. Many also require wet-clutch-compatible oils that promote smooth shifts. AMSOIL Premium 100% Synthetic Scooter Oil maximizes wear protection and helps reduce heat while delivering smooth shifts. It’s perfect for today’s powerful scooter engines.


Premium Wear Protection

Increased power and rpm common to large, four-stroke scooters can shear some oils, leading to viscosity loss, which reduces wear protection and engine life. AMSOIL Scooter Oil is formulated with 100% synthetic base oils that resist shear, delivering consistent viscosity protection for premium wear protection and long engine life.

Withstands Extreme Heat

Scooter engine operating temperatures fluctuate greatly, especially in air-cooled engines used in stop-and-go city driving conditions, which doesn’t provide sufficient airflow to cool the engine. AMSOIL Premium 100% Synthetic Scooter Oil resists breakdown in extreme heat, maintaining its viscosity for maximum wear control and engine cleanliness, extending the life of your engine.

Excellent Cold-Start Protection

Our premium synthetic base oils remain fluid in cold temperatures, helping the oil flow quickly at startup for maximum wear protection in all conditions. AMSOIL Scooter Oil’s excellent cold-weather performance protects daily-use scooters throughout the year.

Wet-Clutch Compatibility

AMSOIL Premium Synthetic Scooter Oil is wet-clutch compatible, making it a great choice for scooters that use a frictional wet clutch to engage and disengage the transmission from the engine. It contains no friction modifiers, offering smooth clutch operation and increased clutch life.

Transmission and Gearbox Compatibility

In many scooter applications, the engine, transmission and gearbox share the same oil reservoir. AMSOIL Premium Synthetic Scooter Oil is shear stable and resists thinning from mechanical activity, providing superior protection for transmissions and gearboxes.




Use in scooters that require 5W-40 or 0W-40 motor oil and any of the specifications below, including (not limited to) those made by Yamaha,* Vespa,* BMW,* Aprilia,* Kymco,* Suzuki,* Peugeot* and Piaggio.* Do not use with shaft-drive hypoid gears. • API SN, SG, SL • JASO MA • Suitable for use in JASO MB applications






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